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Did you know your old bike could change a life?

We strongly believe in it!

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Pssst! By the way, we are looking for an affordable larger storage room, reasonably close to the streets Maisonneuve/St-Urbain/Jeanne-Mance/Sherbrooke. You have an idea or you know someone who could rent such a place? Contact us!


CommuVélo's objective is to give free bikes with luggage rack and padlock for refugees* arriving in and around Montreal.


We need you and your bikes ASAP.


CommuVélo has a team of mechanics able to give a second life to your old bikes, without any discriminations regarding their look. Missing a pedal, or having problems with salsa dancing wheels? We are afraid of nothing! We also have access to many parts, new and used, to complete your oldies.


We do not only need bikes! You have luggage racks, baby seats, or padlocks to give? Hurray, we need some!


One bike at the time (or 50)

CommuVélo might be the little newbie, but our heads are full of dreams. Our final objective is to restore and give out 50 bikes by the beginning of summer 2016.


One bike represents 82$ per month, 984$ per year of economy in public transportation fees. 50 bikes therefore represents a total of 49,200$ that could be allocated to other needs than just transport.


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* We define refugees according to the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, that is, briefly, a person who had to flea her or his country beacuse of fear of persecution, war or violence.


Vélos en ville

(Becoming) Partners

You are a store / bike shop or another entity with something to offer and you do not want to be left out? We understand! So come on, contact us so we cand discover together what we could possibly do for newcomers.


I want to help (a lot)


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Or click here to learn about our actual partners.

How does it work?

CommuVélo has a storage room where we can do most of our activities (final ajustments, workshops, storage of bikes and parts). We are now ready to receive and fix you bikes and parts donations.


Once we recover your bikes, our team of mechanics fixes them at the  community DIY bike workshop of UQAM (BQAM), located at 200 Sherbrooke West street (between Jeanne-Mance and St-Urbain).


In the medium term, the aim is empowerment


Empowerment being at the center of our concerns, we also prepare workshop to teach the new bike owners how to do basic repairs and general maintenance, as well as bike city tours, and other activities. Plus, it is a good reason to meet people, combining business with pleasure.


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Credits : Raphaëlle Desvignes
Credits : Raphaëlle Desvignes

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